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RESULTS: Please telephone after 12.00 noon if possible. Allow 1 week before contacting the surgery for the results of routine tests and x-rays. Some special tests may take longer than this. You will then be given either a message or an appointment to see the Doctor.

Note that the practice has a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection and we will only release test results to the person to whom they relate unless that person has given prior permission for the release of this data or they are not capable of understanding the results.

When we take your test you will be told how long it will be before the results are returned to the practice. It is your responsibility to check your results and to make an appointment to discuss them with your doctor if your are advised to do so.

With the introduction of the Victorian and federal Government Privacy Legislation in 2002,doctors have a legal obligation regarding conveying personal health information to patients. In keeping with these regulations,it is mandatory for all patients to make a review appointment with their referring doctor to discuss the outcome of their recent tests and investigations. As a general rule,these follow up visits do not incur any out of pocket expenses for the patient and is billed to Medicare

RECALL POLICY: The clinic has a policy to recall patients if the doctor has raised any concern or most commonly to discuss test results. This is part of our commitment to your health needs and from time to time you may also recieve health reminders offering you preventative health services.Please advice us if you do not want to be part of this service.

REMINDERS: The clinic may routinely send you reminders regarding your health checks,preventative health screening and also advise on any new health updates that maybe relevant to you and your family. Please notify the staff if you do not wish to receive these reminders.

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